WA1MBA 10 to 12.5 in, 40 to 50 GHz out QUADRUPLER

The deisgn, redisign, build, test, and report phases are complete.

Quadrupler during fabrication and testing

The quadrupler project is complete. The final report was given at the Microwave Update 2023 meeting in Enfield CT in April
Press here for that report which includes information about the design, goals, and achievements of performance.

To summarize, the performance of this device is as follows

These charts show output frequency across X axis in GHz and output power across Y axis in dBm. The cursor is at 47 GHz.
Left is a chart of a typical unit at different input power levels. This unit reached compression at 4 dBm. Chart on right is an overlay of 8 typical units at +5 dBm input.


. Paypal accepted in USD to tomw (at) wa1mba (dot) org

. Units sold at cost

. $400 each

. US Shipping $27

. International shipping $56

When you are ready to order also send an email message to me including your call sign (if not an amateur, your reason for ordering please), and your mailing/shipping address.


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