Microwave Email list and Reflector


Use various VHF reflectors for the 432 and lower bands. Most traffic will be about 2304 and above. If you don't like the way the reflector is going, send mail directly to (thanks).

If you are not already subscirbed, you need to
SUBSCRIBE to the list
in order to receive and get reflector mail-
so here is how you SUBSCRIBE or Control your subscription

Set your browser to the following URL (or click it here)

The rest is pretty self explainatory.

When you subscribe, you will get an information message welcoming you to the reflector. It may take as many as 2 days to get subscribed even if you are using the web page to do it, because every subscription is manually handled for security reasons. Once subscribed, if you ever change your email address, or get your email permanentally forwarded, please UNSUBSCRIBE the old address and SUBSCRIBE the new address.

If you have any trouble please contact and I will take care of it.

If you are pre-subscribed and/or if you forget your password, there is a button on that same page to find out your password. Once you have it, you can change it to something more convenient, and then begin to manage your subscrition yourself. If you are away from home for a few weeks, you might elect to temporarily stop getting messages, and then turn it back on when you return. You might elect to get "digests" which means you get one day worth of messages at a time.

If you want to get to the archives, you will need your password, see above, then go to http://www.mailmanlists.us/mailman/listinfo/microwave by pressing here and enter your address and password to get access to the archives.

To USE THE MAIL REFLECTOR (only if you are on the list as a subscriber),
just send your traffic to the following addresses:


The webmaster (WA1MBA) will occasionally post messages regarding the website.

Please, DO NOT SEND Images or any attachments in your email to the list. See the comment at the bottom of the page regarding images. It is OK to send occasional "wanted" and "for sale" messages, but only if they are genuinely ham-to-ham, microwave related, and non-commercial.
Please be aware that your traffic is going world-wide, to hundreds of microwave interested radio amateurs. Keep messages efficient and professional.

P.S. Messages sent through the reflector will have the originator appear as the "sender" but in a MUNGED format. This is meant to get around a security "feature" that some ISPs provide their clients, such as AOL, Yahoo, and others. For the most part it works OK. Unfortunately, the FROM field is the refelctor, and the Reply To field is the originator. If you just REPLY ALL then you message will go to both the originator and the reflector. If you just REPLY, it is likely to go only to the originator. Look at your message TO and CC fields before hitting SEND to make sure its what you want.
If you are seeing extremely bad performance, or have any other problems please let me know.

If you have an image that you would like to share with the group, email me about it. DO NOT SEND IMAGES to the reflector list. DO NOT SEND any ATTACHMENTS in your messages to the list. Press here to see images that are being /have been discussed on the microwave reflector.

This page was last updated on 06/07/2016

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