WA1MBA sitting in shack

Here is Tom - WA1MBA - in the shack, calling CQ.


Welcome to the WA1MBA Home Page Including the sound of RainScatter

Other Interesting Amateur Radio Microwave Sites Recently Updated Including Microwave Update 2023 which was held North of Hartford CT near BDL airport

The 77 - 78 GHz LNA Project These units were sold out around 2013

The 10 - 12.5 GHz Input to 40 -50 GHz output Quadrupler Project These units are available for sale in 2023

The Worked All Bands Award In April 2023, the Second and Third Awards were issued

A very brief introduction to microwaves Recently Updated

Some of my papers and presentations such as at VHF conferences and Microwave Updates (MUD) Recently Updated

Ham radio Millimeter Wave Bands Atmospheric Loss Charts Thanks to Brian WA1ZMS

An article all about rainscatter on 10GHz

Waveguide sizes Recently Updated

Waveguide Transition Design by Sander Winreb an Adobe PDF file

Hughes Motorized WG Switch Information


RF Connectors Recently Updated

The WA1MBA Microwave Mailing List / Reflector

A Home Made WR42 T/R Switch from W1RIL (SK)

Rejuvination of the HP478A Power Sensor

A 10GHz Gunnplexer comment from K1LPS (SK)

A guidline on using the Toshiba 3 GHz Amplifier by John W3HMS

Yagi Impedance and Matching info - and element lengths for the Jr. Boomer

If you are interested in a brief history of telecommunication press here

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